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l'industriale présente, tous les quinze jours, l'offre de nouveaux et d'occasion machines-outils disponibles chez certains détaillants spécialisés; et aussi des interviews, des nouvelles, de l'économie, salons commerciaux, des nouvelles de l'industrie ...
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Optimizing the workspace environment: LNS FOX WS 2 air filtration systems convince in workshops
  • Excellent results: International manufacturers report efficient and reliable filtration, long filter life and easy maintenance.
  • “Where we needed two or three filters before, now we only need one”, says Lionel Lidos, Director of the French manufacturer Chatal Herbignac, WEARE Group.
  • The LNS Group will showcase its air filtration systems at the exhibitions SIMODEC (La Rochesur‐ Foron, FR, 6‐9 March 2018, Hall A, Booth F66), MECSPE (Parma, IT, 22‐24 March 2018, Hall 3, Booth F49), MACH (Birmingham, UK, 9‐13 April 2018, Hall 19, Booth 585) and SIAMS (Moutier, Switzerland, 17‐20 April 2018, Hall 1.1, Booth A8B7).
Efficient filtration, improved workspace environment, ease of maintenance and low energy consumption: the LNS Group’s FOX WS 2 air filtration product range has convincing results in the workshops of international manufacturers. “We operate sixteen FOX WS 2 air filtration systems. One of the advantages compared to traditional filters is the size of the FOX WS 2: It is much more compact, the footprint is halved”, says Emmanuel Raffner, CEO of Lauener S.A., a Swiss company specialized in precision machining for the watch and medical industries. Lauener S.A., founded in 1905, employs a hundred and fifteen people, operates a facility of a hundred and fifty machines and produces more than fifty million parts per year in both sectors.

When it comes to air filtration, Lauener S.A. has three main objectives: guaranteeing a clean working environment for the employees, assuring optimal operation of the machines and ensuring reasonable maintenance costs. “A clean working environment can be more efficient and reduce the maintenance costs of our equipment – including the building”. Indeed, according to H. Biedermann, Maintenance Manager of Lauener S.A., “the energy of the workshops is reused to heat the building”. “Effective filtration also contributes to the products’ quality”, explains E. Raffner. “The customisation of the FOX WS 2 is very easy, and the quality of the air is considerably improved– especially compared to the electrostatic filters.” Furthermore, since the installation of the filters more than eighteen months ago, Lauener S.A still runs the same original filters with the same efficiency.

Reliable & durable
“In ten years of operation, there were never any problems with the FOX WS 2 air filtration solution. It is very reliable”, states Olivio Della Bella, CEO of Biomec Srl, an Italian company that has thirty years of experience with the production of dental implants. A good filtration system on the machine, explains O. Della Bella, is not only of utmost importance to ensure high standards of atmospheric cleaning – it should also eliminate the workshop fog, reduce oily deposits on workshop surfaces and floors, reduce the risk of accidents and illnesses and save energy compared to a centralized filtration system. “No matter the production process, we are able to guarantee a clean workspace environment for our employees. The production of micro parts and the use of cutting oil with low viscosity make it possible to achieve a very long lifetime of the filters.”

“Where we needed two to three filters before, now we need only one. Therefore, the maintenance costs are lower”, agrees L. Lidos, Director of Chatal Herbignac, WEARE Group. The Chatal Herbignac plant belongs to the French family WEARE Group. It has been working in Aerospace since the first commercial aircraft. Chatal is specialized in turning and processes all type of materials, from steel, Inconel, titanium up to different kinds of aluminium. The efficiency of the FOX WS 2 was proved at the very beginning of the cooperation, when LNS experts took air samples before and after the installation – showing a clear improvement. L. Lidos: “The LNS FOX WS 2 system is powerful enough to rapidly absorb the fog and optimize the air quality.” At Group Chatal, the twenty‐six FOX WS 2 oil mist collectors operate both on machines using soluble and neat cutting oils. “After a few months of production, we can state that the FOX WS 2 reaches the same efficiency on both coolant types – it is well appreciated by operators”, explains L. Lidos.

State‐of‐the‐art air filtration systems are becoming increasingly important in the product portfolio of the Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in machine‐tool peripherals. That is why LNS follows the market needs very closely and continuously coordinates with its clients to reach the diverse requirements: efficient filtration, long filter life, low energy consumption and ease of maintenance.

About the LNS Group: LNS was founded in 1973 in Orvin, Switzerland. It has more than 800 employees and eight production facilities located in Switzerland, North America, the UK, Italy, China, Taiwan and Japan. To this day, over 160’000 bar feeders, 150’000 chip conveyors and over 12’000 air filtration systems have been installed by LNS worldwide. The mission of the LNS Group is to develop, design and provide solutions, accessories and services automating manufacturing worldwide. In order to achieve this, the Group strives to be the global leading provider of One‐Stop‐Shop solutions for the machine tool industry. More information: www.lns-group.com/